Why Is My Prayer Plant Droopy

How do I fix my Prayer Plant’s drooping leaves?

  • Reintroduce watering slowly. But if your Prayer Plant’s leaves are drooping due to consistent underwatering then you need to make sure to reintroduce watering in the right way.
  • Use the right potting mix. Prayer Plants aren’t super fussy about their potting mix and should grow well in a variety of mixes.
  • Use a self-watering pot.
  • Propagate your plant.
  • Are prayer plants easy to take care of?

    Prayer plants come in many varieties, all of which feature beautiful leaf patterns, making them popular ornamental houseplants around the world. The trouble is, however, they're not the easiest plants to care for—they have some high-maintenance needs.

    Can prayer plants hang?

    The answer to both of these questions is yes! Prayer Plants are a perfect candidate for trailing or hanging because of their ability to grow long, flowing stems. In their natural habitats, Prayer Plants trail along the forest floor.

    Can prayer plant leaves get wet?

    Problems: If you notice small, water-soaked spots on your leaves, the likely cause is a fungal disease called helminthosporium leaf spot. An application of neem oil will kill any active disease, but you'll need to stop over-watering the plant and avoid getting the leaves too wet.

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