Why Does My Cucumber Have Spikes?

Why are my cucumber prickly?

Not all cucumber prickles are alike. Just as they inherit size, shape, color and flavor, every cuke variety inherits its prickles. They're Mother Nature's way of protecting the plants from insects or hungry animals. Many modern cukes are bred for minimal prickling; English hothouse cukes have almost none.

Can you pick cucumbers with spikes?

Yes, you can pick cucumbers when they're prickly. Some varieties have naturally prickly skin. It can help to wear gloves when handling them. Any spikes can be gently rubbed off with a towel or soft brush.

How do you use prickly cucumbers?

It can be eaten fresh/ made into juice/ cut open, sprinkled with sugar/salt (to enhance flavor) and scooped out of the shell with a spoon/ or used in fruit salad. A jelly can be made from the fruit by boiling it until soft, straining it and boiling the fruit pulp again with a cup of sugar for each cup of water.

Are cucumber vines prickly?

Some of them, particularly pickling varieties, are prickly. If the cucumbers have a lot of spines, remove them by rubbing a cloth or a soft vegetable brush along the length of the fruit. Use a sharp knife or pruners to cut the cucumber of the vine.

What does wild cucumber vine look like?

Wild cucumber vines can grow up to 25-30 feet long. The large leaves have five palmate lobes, resembling maple leaves in shape. The stem is square, and like garden cucumbers, its tendrils coil outward from the leaf axils to allow the plant to grasp and climb.

Can you spray neem oil on cucumbers?

Cucumbers are often attacked by cucumber beetles and other insects. I use Neem Oil and soap to make my spray. They also can get powdery mildew. For that, I use a baking soda spray.

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