Why Did My Basil Plant Die

How do you revive a dead basil plant?

Water your Basil plant thoroughly to help revive it. Place it in bright, indirect light rather than in full sun and water your plant every time the surface of the soil feels dry to touch. Once the plant has perked up and new foliage is growing, you can place your plant back in direct sunlight and resume normal care.

Does basil come back after death?

Does basil die every year? As with many annual herbs, basil is meant to live its life cycle within one year and thereafter go back to its seed stage. If you are growing your basil in a greenhouse, it may linger for a longer time, but eventually, it will perish.

Why did my basil turn brown?

The most common causes of Basil leaves turning brown are under or over-watering, temperature stress, insufficient lighting, pests, or diseases. Brown leaves on Basil is usually a sign of a problem with the plant's health and should be addressed as soon as possible.

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