Who Made The Purge?

Who created the real Purge?

James DeMonaco

The Purge
Created by James DeMonaco
Owner Universal Pictures
Years 2013–present
Films and television

Is The Purge a real life thing?

As far as the film series goes, 'The Purge' is a fictitious 'civic tradition' embedded in America's constitution by a political party that goes by the name of “The New Founding Fathers of America”.

What started The Purge?

In response to rising crime rates, unemployment and social unrest, the New Founding Fathers created an annual holiday called The Purge. For one night every year, American citizens are given 12 hours of complete freedom to commit whatever crimes they please.

Is The Purge based off a book?

Purge (Finnish: Puhdistus) is a novel by Finnish-Estonian writer Sofi Oksanen, which has been translated into thirty-eight languages. Oksanen's third Finnish-language novel, Purge was published in 2008 and is based upon her original play of the same name, staged at the Finnish National Theatre in 2007.

What city is purge anarchy filmed in?

Principal photography was underway in Los Angeles when Blumhouse Productions released their countdown promo art on January 1, 2014. Filming wrapped on February 10, 2014.

Is The Purge on Netflix?

Watch The Purge | Netflix.

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