Where To Buy Forget Me Nots

Where can you find forget-me-not flowers?

Forget-me-not plants often grow near brooks and streams and other bodies of water, which offer the high humidity and moisture that is desirable to this species.

Do forget-me-nots flower every year?

Forget-me-nots are very hardy little plants that die back in winter but will re-sprout in spring. Plants that are at least a year old will flower the next spring. These little blue bloomers are so unfussy you can plant them almost anywhere at any time and expect some flowers within the next year and a half.

How do forget-me-nots spread?

Be sure to pull or hoe the plants before they go to seed, as forget-me-nots spread by seeds and by strawberry-like stolons that root at the leaf nodes.

When can I plant forget-me-not seeds?

Sow forget-me-not seeds directly outdoors in May or June, or indoors in May, June and September. If sowing under cover, sprinkle seeds and cover with compost. Use a heated propagator or a warm windowsill to create the right conditions for germination. Once seedlings are large enough to handle, prick out and pot on.

Are forget-me-nots difficult to grow?

Forget-me-nots are easy to grow as long as they have organically enriched soil, regular-to-ample water and partial shade. They prefer moist soil with good drainage in a sunny or shady spot. Forget-me-nots perform best in cool weather and in areas where summers are not excessively hot.

Are forget-me-nots poisonous to dogs?

That said, they do contain some pyrrolizidine, a mildly toxic chemical that, if ingested in any great quantity, can cause harm. M. sylvatica species are really the most edible of the forget-me-nots and will likely cause no problems with either children or pets ingesting them.

How long for forget-me-nots to sprout?

The time it takes forget-me-nots to germinate depends on whether the seeds have been stored or you are planting fresh seed. Properly stored seeds -- stored dry at 70 degrees Fahrenheit -- germinate within 3 to 5 days at 70 degrees. Fresh seed germinates at 40 degrees within 2 days to 1 month.

What do forget-me-nots smell like?

Your memory isn't deceiving you: if you've ever buried your nose in a bunch of these beautiful, delicate blue (or sometimes white or pink) flowers hoping for a whiff of something equally gorgeous, you'll have been disappointed: they've almost no scent at all.

What colors do forget-me-nots come in?

The dainty little flowers of forget-me-nots are sure to put a smile on your face while they bloom from spring into summer. They most commonly are found in a beautiful, clear, sky-blue shade, but also come in pale purple, pink, and white.

Do bees like forget-me-nots?


These little flowers are huge favourites with bees thanks to the attractively-coloured petals and easy-to-access nectar. Most species of bees will appreciate the inclusion of Forget-Me-Nots in the garden – a plant easily grown in most gardens.

Can you grow forget-me-nots indoors?

One plant per container is best for growing forget-me-nots inside, as the plants need plenty of air circulation. Full or partial sunlight is fine for forget-me-nots grown inside, but the plants won't do well in too much shade.

How tall do forget-me-not flowers get?

1 ft. tall
Common Names Forget-me-not, woodland forget-me-not, ornamental forget-me-not
Family Name Boraginaceae
Plant Type Biennial
Mature Size Up to 1 ft. tall (but commonly shorter), with a similar spread
Sun Exposure Full, partial

What states have forget-me-nots?

Forget-me-nots are a low growing plant with many petite light blue five-petal flowers that have yellow centers. Forget-me-nots are found in moist soil in light shade. This small but beautiful wildflower is the Alaskian State Flower and can be found in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming.

What is forget-me-not Good For?

Historically, these flowers symbolize remembrance (not much of a surprise there)―not only associated with love, but for those we've lost. Forget-me-nots also symbolize protection and luck, and it's believed that they have the power to protect humans against witches.

Is forget-me-not a ground cover?

Forget-me-not is low-growing and makes a nice ground cover plant as well as edging for the front of the border or even in containers.

Will forget-me-nots grow in shade?

Forget-Me-Nots grow best in moist, but well-drained soil – they typically prefer the shade but will grow well in sunnier, partially-shaded spots too!

Do forget-me-nots bloom all summer?

Although the Forget-me-not flowers typically bloom very little during their first season of growth, they bloom profusely in their second spring. These beautiful flowers continue to bloom from early spring until the first frost and remain dormant throughout the winter.

What is a sad flower?

Hyacinth: The purple hyacinth is a popular symbol of sorrow and regret.

What color flower do u wear if your mother is deceased?

A red carnation today signifies respect of a living mother, while a white carnation is worn or given in honor of a mother who has died.

Is forget-me-not poisonous?

Tip. Forget-me-nots are not poisonous and are, in fact, on the University of California's list of safe plants.

What are forget-me-nots called?

Forget-me-not (common) Myosotis arvensis.

How do you grow forget-me-nots from seed?

  • Sow seeds in containers. The most common method for starting forget-me-nots is to start the seeds indoors in early spring, up to 10 weeks before the last frost.
  • Keep moist until germination.
  • Harden off your seedlings.
  • Choose and prepare the soil bed.
  • Transplant.
  • Water immediately.
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