Where Can I Buy Heirloom Carrots

Are there heirloom carrots?

We currently offer over 700 varieties of Heirloom, open-pollinated, non-gmo & non-hybrid seeds.

Why are they called heirloom carrots?

Heirloom vegetables are old-time varieties, open-pollinated instead of hybrid, and saved and handed down through multiple generations of families.

Is little finger carrot heirloom?

Organic, Heirloom

Though it tastes great fresh from the garden, 'Little Finger' was developed in France for pickling and canning whole.

What do heirloom carrots look like?

The carrot is quite unusual: slender, spindle-shaped, growing about 9 inches long, and about I inch in diameter at the crown. The smooth skin is a deep purple, almost amethyst color, which also penetrates the flesh to the core.

Are purple carrots heirloom?

Cosmic Purple Carrot Seed - Heirloom, Open-Pollinated, non-Hybrid Victory Seeds® 'Cosmic Purple' carrots. Photo submitted by Chris Whitty of Ireland.

Why did farmers stop producing heirloom foods?

“They were just the apples in the orchard. We also grew peaches like Suncrest, which are not as beautiful as today's peaches but are blissful to eat. Yet they're so delicate that traditional forms of transportation make it nearly impossible to get them to the table. That's why farmers stopped growing them.

What is the rarest carrot color?

White: Varieties include White Satin, Lunar White, Snow White and Crème de Lite. These are the rarest seeds to find of all the colors available.

What is a Parisian carrot?

The Parisian carrot is a little round carrot that is a nineteenth-century French heirloom! this carrot variety is an early orange-red carrot that grows almost more like the shape of a large radish. Excels in clay or rocky soil where other carrots have problems developing properly.

What are fancy carrots called?


Just as the name suggests, Imperator-type carrots are impressive in looks and taste. They have very long roots, up to 10 inches long, with high sugar content, and are wonderful for fresh eating.

Why are my carrots tasteless?

What causes my home garden carrots to be tasteless, woody and often bitter instead of sweet and tender? A. These problems are associated with growing and environmental conditions during the maturing period. Carrots grow best and develop highest sugars when temperatures are between 40 degrees and 80 degrees F.

What is the largest carrot variety?

The "Jumbo" variety is the one which hold the World Record for longest so I would start there! Other good long ones are Japanese Imperial long (claim to grow up to 24 inches!) Also Gold Pak, Autumn King or Red Giant. Carrot plants thrive in deep, loose, well-drained soil.

Do purple carrots taste different than orange carrots?

A lot of people want to know if all the colors of carrots taste the same. No, all the colors do not taste the same. The taste is different even though it might be a slight and subtle change among the colors. The small difference is noticed most when eaten raw rather than when they are cooked.

Are heirloom vegetables more nutritious?

Heirloom vegetables hold more nutritional value than hybrid alternatives. This is because hybrids are bred with the purpose of yielding more vegetables at a time, which results in lower nutritional value per plant.

Why are heirloom foods gaining popularity?

One big reason? The widespread modernization and industrialization of farming in the U.S. As it's made produce cheaper, more uniform and in some cases, less flavorful, "authentic" and "heritage" foods offer consumers an alternative.

Can heirloom seeds be saved?

Preserving heirloom seeds is a wonderful way to celebrate family traditions, but there are plenty of other compelling reasons to save any type of seed. Seed saving helps trim your yearly gardening budget while allowing you to continually grow plants that do well in your backyard growing conditions.

Are heirloom carrots genetically modified?

Heirloom plants are not hybrids and hybrids are not genetically modified organisms. Hybrids and heirlooms are not genetically manipulated in labs. They don't contain foreign DNA from a species that is very different.

How are heirloom carrots grown?

Plant in spring, 2 to 3 weeks before last frost, ½ inch deep, ½ inch apart, in rows 12 to 24 inches apart. Deeply worked soil with fine, weed-free seedbed will greatly improve chances of successful crop. Carrots are slow to germinate (1 to 3 weeks), and often germinate unevenly over a period of several weeks.

Are multi colored carrots natural?

The orange colored carrot was not one of the original, natural colors. It was not cultivated until the 1600s by the Dutch when they cross-breed the yellow and red carrots. The rainbow carrot today is a product of generations of traditional plant breeding through the USDA and other institutions.

What color are carrots originally?

Turns out most carrots were purple before the 17th century.

Before this, pretty much all carrots were purple"

Are Nantes carrots heirloom?

Also known as the Early Coreless carrot, Nantes carrots are an heirloom variety that was developed in France and were popular in the late 1800s.

Are Nantes Half Long carrots heirloom?

HEIRLOOM. Slim, cylindrical, orange roots. Mid-19th century variety is easy to grow, slim, cylindrical, orange roots are 7" long, 1½" thick, require no peeling, and are packed with vitamins.

What is a Chantenay carrot?

Chantenay carrots are short, stout carrots with light orange flesh and orange-red colored cores. They mature in 65-75 days to 4- to 5-inch (10-13 cm.)

What are Thumbelina carrots?

Thumbelina is a mini-carrot roughly the size of a golf ball when harvested. This gourmet carrot is delicious eaten raw or cooked.

What are French carrots called?

Parisian carrots are a type of round carrot and are also known as Parisian Market carrots, Parisian Rondo, Paris Market carrots, Parisienne carrots, and Tonda Di Parigi, which translates from Italian to mean the “round of Paris.”

What do Parisian carrots taste like?

A 19th-century French heirloom variety, these adorable orange-red root vegetables are also called Atlas or Parisian Market carrots. Similar in size and shape to a radish, they have a sweet, bright flavor.

Are Tendersweet carrots heirloom?

Heirloom pre-1936. According to the 1936 James Vick catalog, “Many of our customers who do not care much for carrots are enthusiastic about Tendersweet. Roots are long, tapering down to a blunt end and are reddish orange in color, and very uniform in size and shape.

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