When To Plant Sunflowers Colorado

Planting Calendar for Sunflowers Since sunflowers are not cold tolerant it is necessary to wait until after the last frost before you can plant them. The earliest that you can plant sunflowers in Colorado Springs is April. However, you really should wait until May if you don't want to take any chances.

Helianthus or sunflower is a genus of plants comprising about 70 species. Except for three species in South America, all Helianthus species are native to North America and Central America. The common name, "sunflower", typically refers to the popular annual species Helianthus annuus, o…

How late can you plant sunflowers in Colorado?

Planting dates and planting depth- Sunflowers can be planted any time from April 15 to July 1. Experience in Colorado indicates that the second or third week in June may be the best time to plant.

What month do you plant sunflowers?

Plant sunflowers in late spring, once the ground is nice and warm. Most sunflowers germinate when soil has reached 70 to 85 degrees F. The best time to plant sunflowers is just before the soil reaches this temperature. Look for a ground temp of between 60 to 70 degrees.

Can sunflowers survive in Colorado?

Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) are annual plants native to North America that grow extraordinarily well in Colorado. This plant can withstand light frosts, and so is an excellent choice for early planting if you just can't wait to get started with your garden.

Can I plant sunflowers in July in Colorado?

It's best to sow sunflower seeds directly into the garden (or outdoor containers) after the danger of spring frost has passed anytime after soils have warmed to at least 50°F (10°C). In most regions, this will fall between April and mid-July.

Do sunflowers grow back every year?

Sunflowers are either an annual (where they need to be replanted every year) or a perennial (where they will come back every year from the same plant) and telling the difference is not that hard if you know how.

Can you plant sunflowers in May?

When to Plant Sunflowers. Plant seeds after the danger of spring frost has passed and the soil temperature is at least 60 degrees. This will be between March and May, depending on where you live.

How long does it take for a sunflower to grow?

How long do sunflowers take to grow? There are various varieties of sunflowers, and each one will grow at a different rate. On average, though, it takes between 80 and 120 days for a plant to mature and develop seeds.

Where are sunflower fields in Colorado?

Located in Adams County near DIA lies a colorful, happy, and humongous field of giant sunflowers that are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face!

Where do sunflowers grow naturally?

Native Environment

Sunflowers thrive in all 50 states in the U.S., most blooming during the summer months. Their native range also extends through Canada, Northern Mexico and Central America. The sunflower's native environment is dry, wide open spaces such as prairielands, plains and meadows.

What can we do with sunflowers?

Sunflower leaves can be used as a greens for salad, boiled in the same way you might cook spinach, or even baked like kale chips. The leaves are also used as an herbal supplement, with the leaves steeped to make tea.

Is a sunflower a wildflower?

A Sunflower is a wild flower … when it's seen in the wild. It's also a wild flower when it's not used for agricultural purposes, or in garden centers. However, there are varieties that are more renowned for dwelling in fields and on roadsides than in your usual garden center.

Why are sunflowers grown commercially?

Sunflower seed is a source of high quality oil used for cooking, salads, paints and industrial lubricants. Non-oil varieties of sunflower are used as birdseed or can be roasted and marketed as a confectionary product (McGregor 1976).

What is the scientific name of the sunflower?

Is it too late to plant sunflowers?

Gardeners are rediscovering dual-purpose flowers that not only make the garden beautiful but can also be used to bring the beauty of outdoors inside. One such flower is the sunflower. It may be towards the end of summer, but you can still plant sunflowers and enjoy them during the fall.

Can I plant sunflowers in June?

You can still plant flowers, too!

Planting later crops in June also applies to flowers! Plant more marigolds, sunflowers, cosmos, zinnias, four o'clocks, nasturtiums, etc. – all of the annuals that usually burn out by late summer.

How long does it take for sunflower seeds to sprout?

Starting indoors is possible, but does not gain much time. If sunflowers are allowed to get root-bound, they will lack stability at transplant time, and will require staking. Optimal soil temperature for germination: 21-30°C (70-85°F). Seeds should sprout in 10-14 days.

Do sunflowers grow in Colorado?

“Sunflowers are drought-resistant. “Many species are native to the high plains and are an excellent dryland crop. Colorado places fourth in the nation in commercial sunflower production.

How do sunflower farmers make money?

Sunflower is the only oilseed that pays premiums for oil content above 40%. Considering that oil premiums are offered at the crush plants on oil content above 40% at a rate of 2% price premium for each 1% of oil above 40%, this pushes a contract with 45% oil content gross return 10% higher per cwt.

Why are there so many sunflowers in Denver?

Sunflowers are native to Colorado, and Ron Meyer, agronomist with the Colorado State University agricultural extension, said it is the perfect crop for our climate. It is very tolerant to drought, and thrives in the heat.

How many sunflower seeds do you plant in one hole?

How to Sow. Sow single stem, large- headed sunflowers as 3 seeds every 1'–2' apart and ¼"–½" deep. Sow multi-stem sunflowers 2' apart. Professional cut-flower growers reduce this spacing by half resulting in longer stems and smaller flowers, which are more desirable for bouquets.

What animals eat sunflowers?

What Animals Eat Sunflowers? While there are a wide variety of them, some of the more common animals that eat sunflowers and their seeds include birds, squirrels, mice, deer, rats, voles, and chipmunks. A lot of insects enjoy eating the sunflower plant, like spittlebugs, beetles, and weevils.

What do farmers do with sunflower stalks?

Sunflowers continue to be an important oilseed crop worldwide. Many of them are used for birdseed but most are processed into vegetable oil. The green stalks are chopped like silage and used as cattle feed.

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