What To Plant With Zinnias

  • 1 – Vegetable Garden. The zinnia is by far one of the best companions for your vegetable garden. There are a number of different plants that you can
  • 2 – The Purple Fountain Grass.
  • 3 – Mealy Cup Sage.
  • 4 – The China Aster.
  • 5 – The Dahlia.
  • Are zinnias good companion plants?

    Zinnias can mix it with statuesque dahlias and cannas and with billowing cosmos and dill. They can hold their own in the vegetable patch. In fact their role as a companion plant is part of their current appeal, attracting butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects.

    Can zinnias be planted with vegetables?

    Zinnias are easy to grow. They are also a colorful choice to plant along with veggies, adding visual appeal to the garden. As more pollinators visit the zinnias, they'll likely also bop over to your veggie flowers.

    Do zinnias and cosmos grow well together?

    Cosmos are versatile companions, thanks to their (usually) simple flower shape, upright habit and feathery foliage. They match well with dahlias, zinnias and marigolds—all of which also trace their roots to Mexico and whose flowers can have a similar shape and size to cosmos (depending on type).

    What flower looks nice with marigolds?

    Marigolds come in vibrant yellow, red, and orange hues, which can be beautifully paired with complementary colors of other flowers in the garden landscape. Try interplanting marigolds with allium, coreopsis, roses, salvia, bachelor buttons, lavender, and geranium plants for eye-catching appeal.

    Should I deadhead my zinnias?

    To keep your zinnias blooming, one of the most important steps in learning how to grow Zinnia, is to deadhead the blooms. Deadheading Zinnias prolongs the plants blooming time, encouraging the flowers to continue to bloom. Once the blooms begin to fade, cutting back the Zinnia flower heads will promote new growth.

    What likes to be planted with sunflowers?

    Some plants grow well together because they thrive in the same type of soil. Numerous bush bean varieties, such as wax, lima and green beans, are good sunflower companions for that reason. All of these plants are well-suited to acidic soil, with a pH level ranging from 6.5 to 7.5.

    What flowers pair well with sunflowers?

    Flowers that go well with sunflowers in arrangements include roses, snapdragons, chrysanthemums, chamomile and irises. Bright colors such as reds and oranges tend to pair well with the yellow. On the other hand if you wish to go for a contrasting colour, blue or purple irises make a beautiful pairing.

    What plants can I plant with sunflowers?

    My Top 10 Companion Vegetables and Salads to Grow With Sunflowers

  • Lettuces. These plants relish being in the shade of sunflowers.
  • Squashes, Courgettes, Zucchinis. These fast growing plants have a bountiful supply of crop throughout the growing season..
  • Onions.
  • Spring Onions.
  • Kale.
  • Cucumbers.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Peppers.
  • Can you plant sunflowers and cosmos together?

    Native sunflowers are a shorter variety, growing to be 24-72” tall, making them a perfect match for the elegant pink Cosmos. This effortless combination attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden all season long and makes for cheerful summer bouquets.

    Can you grow zinnias in raised beds?

    Do yellow finches eat zinnias?

    Many people hang bird feeders full of seed to attract goldfinches to their garden and all you need to do is share your zinnias. Simply enjoy the fact that these beautiful creatures have paid you a visit.

    Can I plant marigolds with tomatoes?

    Marigolds have long been planted alongside tomato plants, and not just because of their pretty flowers. A pretty marigold. Marigolds—a flowering plant in the daisy family—are common companions for tomatoes. In the long lore of gardeners, the marigold is thought to do something to help tomatoes avoid pests.

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