What To Plant With Asparagus

Here are a few examples of good companions for asparagus:

  • Nightshades, like tomatoes and eggplant. Tomato plants are rich in solanine, which is known to repel the asparagus beetles that feast on the tender shoots and fronds of asparagus plants.
  • Basil and parsley. Not only do they attract pollinators to all its nearby companion plants, basil and parsley deter asparagus beetles—along with insects that might harm any guardians of asparagus,
  • Coriander, comfrey, and dill. These herbs are particularly good at repelling spider mites and aphids.
  • Members of the Aster family, like marigolds and nasturtiums. These bright, aromatic flowering plants are powerful natural insect-repellers.
  • What's the best mulch for asparagus?

    Good mulching materials include sawdust, wood chips, shavings and ground corncobs. These materials shut out weed growth, but still permit asparagus to come up. Caution: if applied too early, it may tend to keep the soil cool. This would delay your harvest of asparagus, but that doesn't hurt it.

    Can you put straw on asparagus?

    Considerations. Straw is safe to use around asparagus plants, because unlike other types of mulch, such as sawdust or pine needles, it doesn't raise the soil's acidity level as it decomposes.

    Do you cover asparagus in the winter?

    Where heavy snow covers asparagus beds in the winter let stalks turn brown and fall across the planting bed to form their own mulch to protect plant crowns. Then add 6-inches of straw, pine needles, or well-rotted or chopped leaves to the top of fallen stalks to give crowns extra protection from freezing temperatures.

    How many years does an asparagus plant produce?

    While asparagus may be a slow starter, it certainly has stamina. Once a plant matures, it can provide harvests for 20 or more years. And, in other ways, the plant is quite capable of speed. The young shoots that emerge in early spring can grow seven inches in a day.

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