What Is The Most Interesting Plant In The World?

What’s the most interesting plant?

To take a look at some of this fun flora, here are 20 of the most interesting plants in the world.

  • Baseball Plant. Scientific Name: Euphorbia obesa.
  • Corpse Flower. Scientific Name: Amorphophallus titanum.
  • Dragon Arum.
  • African Starfish Flowers.
  • Hydnora Africana.
  • Giant Water Lily.
  • Elephant-Foot Yam.
  • Welwitschia Mirabilis.
  • What is the most rare plant on Earth?

    The Rarest Plants On Earth

  • Suicide Palm.
  • Western Underground Orchid.
  • Golf Ball Cactus.
  • Venda Cycad.
  • Jellyfish Tree.
  • Poke-Me-Boy Tree.
  • Ascension Island Parsley Fern.
  • Coral Tree.
  • What is the world’s weirdest plant?

  • Rafflesia, South-East Asia.
  • Azara microphylla, Chile and Argentina.
  • Hydnora Africana, Africa.
  • Welwitschia mirabilis, Southern Africa.
  • Venus Flytrap, USA.
  • Dracunculus vulgaris, Europe.
  • Wolffia angusta, Australia.
  • Wollemia nobilis, Australia.
  • What is interesting plant?

    Interesting Plants: The Corpse Flower

    Rafflesia arnoldii is distinguished as the largest individual flower on Earth. It grows in the rain forests of Borneo and Sumatra and can reach a diameter of 3 feet, and weigh as much as 24 pounds.

    What are unusual plants?

    Lichens are a symbiotic combination of green algae and fungus. They are unusual plants because they can grow on almost any surface. Lichens secrete acids that can break down rock into soil. They are also useful because they help filter the air of excess gases.

    What are some weird plant names?

    Unusual (and Funny) Flower Names

  • Butter-and-Eggs, Common Toadflax (Linaria vulgaris)
  • Swamp Lousewort (Pedicularis lanceolata)
  • Thimbleweed, Windflower (Anemone virginiana)
  • Bastard Toadflax (Comandra umbellata)
  • Cheeses, Cheeseweed (Malva neglecta)
  • Corn-cockle (Agrostemma githago)
  • Pussytoes (Antennaria sp.)
  • What do I name my plant?

    Funny/Witty Names for Plants

  • Spaghetti (trailing succulents and ferns)
  • Hot Dog (Dragon fingers)
  • Bill (money plant)
  • Christofern (fern plant)
  • Fluffy (cactus)
  • Lil Plant.
  • Mr/Miss Plant.
  • Mr. Prickles (cactus)
  • What are pink trees?

    The Redbud is a native tree that provides the splashes of purple and pink that dot the wood lines as you drive along many roads in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. This native is drought tolerant and perfect for any woodland or naturalized settings.

    Do purple trees exist?

    Jacaranda mimosifolia is a sub-tropical tree native to south-central South America that has been widely planted elsewhere because of its attractive and long-lasting violet-colored flowers. It is also known as the jacaranda, blue jacaranda, black poui, Nupur or fern tree.

    Can leaves be purple?

    Purple leaves are usually caused by a pigment called anthocyanin. Anthocyanin absorbs green and yellow light, causing them to appear deep red or purple to our eye. These leaves still contain chlorophyll, or else they couldn't photosynthesise, but the green colouration is masked by the strong anthocyanin pigmentation.

    Are corpse flowers poisonous?

    The fruit of the corpse flower (Chicago Botanic Garden) If visitors to the garden were hoping to one day dine on the corpse flower's fruit, they'll be sadly disappointed. The fruit are not fit for human consumption and considered poisonous.

    What plant has the longest name?

    According to the Kew Plant List, the longest species name for a plant is Ornithogalum adseptentrionesvergentulum, the official scientific name for, ironically, an extremely small species of asparagus (and one that has no common name), and which, including the single space between genus and species, is 39 characters

    What is the longest name for a flower?

    Amorphophallus titanum
    Family: Araceae
    Genus: Amorphophallus
    Species: A. titanum
    Binomial name
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