What Is The Best Month To Plant Watermelon?

Can I plant watermelon in June?

In zones 3 and 4, set seedlings outside a couple of hours a day starting at the beginning of June to harden the tender plants to the weather. Plant seedlings in the middle to end of June. In zones 5 and 6, begin hardening seedlings in May for planting in mid to late May.

Can I plant watermelon in October?

Statewide, watermelons are planted from December to early July for harvest from mid-May to late October. Yields reach 40 tons per acre (90 t/ha) under ideal conditions.

What is the best organic fertilizer for watermelons?

Best Fertilizer for Watermelons

  • Tomato and Vegetable Plant Food by Old Farmer's Almanac – Best Overall Watermelon Fertilizer.
  • All-Purpose Water Soluble Plant Food by Jack's Classic – Best Balanced Watermelon Fertilizer.
  • All-Purpose Fertilizer by FoxFarm – Best Organic Watermelon Fertilizer.
  • What soil is best for watermelon?

    Melons grow best on well-drained, sandy loam soils, with a pH between 6.0 and 6.5. Soils with a pH less than 6.0 will produce plants with yellow foliage that set few or no fruit. You can improve your soil by adding well-rotted manure or compost in spring or fall.

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