What Insect Eats Coleus Leaves

Treating Pests That Attack Your Coleus

  • Mealybugs. Mealybugs are the most common pests of this plant. They show up as white fuzz on the stems, leaves, and leaf
  • Whiteflies. These are very tiny insects that fly out from under the leaves when you disturb the plant. These insects are
  • Aphids. Aphids are another problem when it comes to the coleus plant. You can treat
  • How do you protect coleus plants?

    This nursery recommends keeping coleus plants in a 4-inch pot and acclimating them to the outdoors to prevent coleus leaves losing color, turning yellow and becoming damaged from too much sun or wind. Place your potted coleus outdoors for three to four hours each day in a shady spot that is sheltered from wind.

    What’s wrong with my coleus?

    Disease problems in coleus are typically fungal pathogens that cause downy mildew, stem rot, or root rot. Wetting the foliage while watering and excessive soil moisture can lead to these disease problems.

    What is eating the leaves of my plant?

    Leaf holes from slugs and snails are common in many types of plants, including basil, hosta, hibiscus, cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and peppers. These pests do most of their damage at night. A nighttime stroll with a flashlight will help confirm your hunch is right.

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