What Flowers To Plant With Boxwoods

Whether it is daylilies, roses, coneflowers, or any other type of flowering plant, make sure you can give them what they need to survive. Use boxwood as a “helper” to achieve optimal conditions. Lilac, potential, and ninebark are the ideal companions for this plant.

What flowers grow next to boxwoods?

Boxwood creates a green backdrop for colorful perennial flowers, such as salvia, black-eyed Susan and veronica, and annual flowers, such as zinnias, cosmos and cleome. Mix and match flowering shrubs, such as potentilla and dwarf spirea, with boxwoods.

What should I plant in front of boxwoods?

Good companion plants with textural contract include thyme, hosta, lady's mantle, lirope, germander, rosemary or sage. Combine boxwood with low-growing shrubs with yellow or dark-colored foliage. This will add both color and texture. If the shrubs flower or produce berries, that creates even more interest.

Do roses and lavender grow well together?

Lavender can grow well with Roses as they flower around the same time and share some growing preferences such as full sun and well draining soil. However lavenders prefer dryer soil, less water and lower soil fertility then roses so it is important to plant roses and lavenders 2-3 feet apart.

What type of sun do boxwoods need?

Most boxwood prefer to grow in part shade, such as the dappled light shining through overhanging foliage or a few hours of direct sunlight in the morning or afternoon. Certain varieties will tolerate heavy shade.

What can I plant in between roses?

Underplant them with a succession of spring bulbs such as snowdrops, crocus, grape hyacinths, narcissi, early-flowering tulips and late-flowering tulips, before the roses start to bloom.

Can you grow honeysuckle and roses together?

Honeysuckle and rose is the classic partnership that is easy to achieve with, say, Lonicera periclymenum Heaven Scent planted at one side, and soft pink cupped rose The Generous Gardener on the other. When the two intermingle, they make true midsummer magic.

What plant looks good with lavender?

  • Echinacea. Echinacea and lavender make a great pairing, and not just because they look stunning next to each other.
  • Roses. Lavender and roses are a classic, pretty pairing.
  • Yarrow.
  • Sedum.
  • Alliums.
  • African Daisy.
  • Zinnia.
  • Gaillardia.
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