Transformation from unstructured information to business intelligence

All modules of the BE SCORD Banking application are designed to provide the Corporate treasurer / Cash manager with a versatile dashboard application, where data are transformed from unstructured information to business intelligence.

The BE SCORD banking application can be applied globally and enables reporting with both central and local viewing options for its users.

Flow analysis

Gain insights from your payment and banking data using BE SCORD Banking Flow Analysis module


The Flow analysis module enables easy-to-use dashboard reporting, where users have access to multiple transactional parameters; Banks, Bank countries, Periods, Companies, Countries and Transaction types.

In order to gain the insights, data must be correctly recorded. The sources of data are banks and ERP systems, which is why BE SCORD Banking provide a unique selection of Bank data recording tools and ready-to-install ERP connectors as part of the implementation. Once data reaches BE SCORD Banking they are normalized and saved for the subsequent reporting.

BE SCORD banking Flow analysis offers the ability to truly know your payment and banking flows.


Bank costs overview & verification

Bank Cost module provides overviews and detailed reporting of corporate Bank costs, and the verification of these


Understanding your corporate bank costs is essential in order to discuss how these can be improved. BE SCORD banking’s Bank cost module provides a strong overview of costs per bank / company, with drill-down options to identify where/when the costs are generated. As banks are improving their bank cost invoicing with initiatives like TWIST BSB © and ISO CAMT.086© reporting, these can be loaded into our application for more automated analysis of costs. Banks not offering automated file invoicing, ie. PDF invoices, are still covered by our easy-to-use spreadsheet load functionality.

Verification of actual bank costs is equally important as many corporations struggle to see if their actual bank costs are valid and correct. Few corporations link the external bank cost invoicing with their ERP transactions or the negotiated pricing. We believe that time spent on negotiating bank costs should be followed up by time spent on verification of actual bank costs.

Behavior monitoring

The Behavior monitoring module allows management to monitor and stop undesired behaviors


BE SCORD Banking Behavior monitor module enables an unprecedented opportunity to monitor the transactional flows and corporate behaviors via the Behavior monitoring module. Behavior alarms constantly monitor transactional flows, calculations and wrong ERP settings.

Additionally, behavior monitoring and its alarms leads to fact-based decisions, as the system is based on actions of the corporate and not qualitative analysis.

Further it indicates to corporate treasurers where to look for abnormalities, and reduces time spent on the well-functioning processes.



Enabling Benchmarking of your banks on key parameters for all companies


Our Benchmarking module provides the Treasurer / Cash Manager with a strong tool for comparing banks used by the company. BE SCORD’s module show an easy to read benchmark of key parameters within pricing and behavioral elements. The Benchmarking module also takes into account the share of wallet and transactional volumes, along with providing an opportunity to see the underlying data.

The ability to benchmark your banks allows the Treasurer / Cash Manager to report bank performance to internal stakeholders, which today in most companies entails a large spreadsheet analysis and report generation.

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