Is Cactus Good For High Blood Pressure?

Does cactus juice lower blood pressure?

There are impressive levels of potassium found in cactus skin. Fresh cactus juice has the potential for being part of a heart-healthy diet aiding in for lowering blood pressure and symptoms of hypertension. This can lessen the strain on your heart, and lower the chances of heart attack and stroke.

Is cactus good for high cholesterol?

An early study found evidence that nopal cactus was able to decrease cholesterol. While overall levels of cholesterol dropped, LDL cholesterol (or “bad” cholesterol) dropped significantly. Nopal cactus may be able to lower cholesterol with much fewer side effects than traditional cholesterol medications.

Is cactus High in potassium?

Cactus fruit can help to improve your digestion, thanks to its betalain and potassium content.

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