How To Save A Fiddle Leaf Fig

  • Check your fiddle leaf fig’s stem and roots. To ascertain whether your fiddle leaf has a strong chance of survival, you first need to inspect it for any remaining
  • Repot your fiddle leaf (if it has root rot) and remove any decay.
  • Water your plant. Water is crucial to reviving an ailing plant, but you need to strike a delicate balance between overwatering your fiddle leaf fig and underwatering it.
  • Ensure it gets adequate warmth and sunlight. These tropical beauties love warmth and sun, and it may very well be that your fiddle leaf is shedding leaves because of
  • Prevention is better than cure. While it’s certainly feasible to get a fiddle leaf back to its best state, this is not always possible.
  • How do you restore fiddle figs?

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