How To Revive Fiddle Leaf Fig

How to fix and revive a drooping fiddle leaf fig

  • Move the plant where there’s bright indirect light. Fiddle fig leaves require about 6 hours of bright indirect sunlight during the active growth phase.
  • Let the soil dry out between waterings. If the drooping is caused by underwatering, water the plant adequately until the pot drips.
  • Repot using a well-draining potting mix and larger pot.
  • Why is my fiddle leaf fig drying up?

    Under-watering leads to a dry plant with leaf damage. First, one clarification. Over-watering and lack of sunlight work together to produce root rot, so if your fiddle leaf fig doesn't get enough sun (and they like lots of light), the symptoms may mimic those of too much water.

    Will fig tree grow back?

    Figs perform well with an annual maintenance pruning, although when a fig is cut back hard, it should be allowed to regrow without impediment or any other trimming for at least two seasons or until the tree is again consistently producing a good crop of fruit.

    How do you treat a fiddle leaf fig in shock?

    To revive a dying fiddle leaf fig, emulate the conditions of the plant's natural environment with a temperature range of between 65ºF to 75ºF, mist the leaves to increase humidity, locate the fiddle leaf fig in bright, indirect light and only water fiddle leaf figs when the top 2 inches of the soil feel dry.

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