How To Prune Banana Trees

  • Use a sharp and clean knife or blade for pruning as the leaves of the banana tree are large and thick.
  • Leaves that are turning yellow must be removed for better growth and an attractive look of the tree.
  • Start removing the outermost leaves and gradually move towards the inner leaves.
  • Do not cut the stalk of the banana tree as it can affect the growth and yield of the banana tree.
  • Make sure that plant has flowered before you start pruning to not affecting the yield.
  • The main banana tree is known as the mother plant and it must be kept intact.
  • Remove the suckers if there are any sprouting away from the main trunk as they can grow into new stalks that are not desired.
  • Do banana plants need to be pruned?

    It is necessary to remove damaged, diseased, yellow, or dead leaves from a banana tree to keep it healthy. If you want to learn the best methods for pruning a banana tree and how cutting dead leaves helps your plant flourish, you should keep reading.

    Do banana trees grow back?

    They rise up from a rhizome or corm. Once the plant has fruited, it dies back. This is when suckers, or infant banana plants, begin to grow from around the base of the parent plant. The aforementioned corm has growing points that turn into new suckers.

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