How To Plant Sago Palm Seeds

Learn How to Plant Sago Palm Seed

  • Select the Seeds. The first step is to select the right seeds from a flowering plant.
  • Examine the Seeds. After collecting the seeds, you need to check for the pollinated ones, as these are the ones that you can use to grow a new Sago Palm.
  • Clean the Seeds.
  • Planting the Seeds.
  • Maintain the Right Temperature.
  • Transfer the Plants.
  • Can you plant the seeds from a female sago palm?

    Should you remove sago palm seeds?

    Do not remove the female after pollination, as she cannot make seed without nutrients and moisture from the plant. Leave the female sago palm flower head until she is ripe. You can harvest the entire flower with a knife or just pull out the walnut sized seeds.

    How long does it take palm trees to grow?

    General 4 To 50 Years

    Generally looking at different species, palms take up between 4 to 50 years. Some plants like the Corypha palm (Corypha utan) do not flower up to 40 or 50 years. Once they do, they die soon after the flowers mature into fruit.

    How do you remove sago palm seed pods?

    Pull upwards gently on a seed to expose the stem connecting it to the plant. Cut horizontally through the stem with the pruning shears. Place the seed in a plastic bag. Repeat this process to remove all seeds in the flower cone.

    How do you transplant sago palm pups?

    To remove and transplant a sago pup: Use a flat, sharp spade to pry the pup away from the mother plant. Dust the pup with a fungicide and give it a few days to callous, or harden off. Once it has calloused, plant in a container slightly larger than the pup. Some gardeners use a 50-50 mixture of sand and peat moss.

    How do you store palm seeds?

    Store palm seed dry in sealed plastic bags at temperatures above 65°F. Life in storage will vary from several weeks to over a year. 4. A 1 to 7 day presoak in water is recommended for palm seeds before planting.

    How do you clean palm seeds?

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