How To Plant Garlic In Utah

Plant garlic in virtually any soil in Utah that provides good drainage. Loosen the top 8 to 10 inches of the soil. Remove all weeds. Mix in 4 inches of well-aged compost or rotted manure to enrich the soil and improve drainage. Garlic is used in so many recipes that no herb or vegetable garden would be complete without it.

How do you properly plant garlic?

Break apart cloves from the bulb a few days before planting, but keep the papery husk on each individual clove. Plant cloves 4 to 8 inches apart and 2 inches deep, in their upright position (with the wider root side facing down and pointed end facing up). Plant in rows spaced 6 to 12 inches apart.

What is the easiest way to grow garlic?

Planting Garlic

Insert cloves root-side down about 8 inches apart in all directions, burying the tips about 2 inches down. Green shoots will come up; mulch around them with straw. After a hard freeze kills the shoots, draw the mulch over the whole bed. In spring, pull the mulch back when the new shoots emerge.

How do I sprout garlic?

Sprouting garlic is a simple process: Just wrap your cloves in a damp paper towel and place them in a warm location. After about two days, your cloves should begin to sprout. Place the sprouted clove in a clear container. You want the pointy sprouted end facing upward.

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