How To Notch A Fiddle Leaf Fig

How to Notch Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

  • Start With a Plan. This step is important, because once you make a cut, you can’t take it back!
  • Find a Node. Once you’ve decided where you would like your first largest branch-off or trunk split, grab your pruners.
  • Make Your Cut. The actual notching process itself doesn’t need to be overly complicated.
  • Aftercare.
  • Should I notch my fiddle leaf fig?

    If you're wondering why people notch or pinch fiddle leaf fig trees, then you should know that it's to help the tree appear more full. Realistically, you don't need to do this for the fiddle leaf fig to thrive, but it can make it look more like a full tree rather than something that grows like a shrub.

    How do you make a fiddle leaf fig bushier?

    Can you notch a baby fiddle leaf fig?

    While it may look like damage to your fiddle leaf fig, that notch is actually perfectly fine for your plant. In fact, it's helping it to grow more! Of course, it's always good to keep an eye on your plant as part of your regular houseplant maintenance and this includes after notching a fiddle leaf fig.

    How do you notch a tree for branching?

    Where do you cut a fiddle leaf fig?

    To prune your fiddle-leaf fig to create a tree form with branching lateral growth, wait until spring or summer – when the plant is actively growing – and make a cut at least six inches down from the tip of the tree. You can save this cutting and propagate it! Make sure to cut in an internodal space.

    How do you promote new branch growth?

    Pruning is one of the best ways to encourage a tree branch to grow. Pruning and thinning upper-story plants to allow more light into a poorly performing understory tree or bush can help stimulate growth in a branch.

    Can you cut the top of a fiddle leaf fig?

    Plants look best when their top leaves are at least 8 to 10 inches below the ceiling, so you will want to remove any growth above that height. By pruning your plant to keep it from getting too tall, you'll create a stronger and more compact plant.

    Can I cut the top off my fig tree?

    Cut off the top of the newly planted fig tree about 24 inches from the soil. Act in late winter or early spring before the first buds appear. Trim all remaining branches back to 6 inches.

    What is notching pruning?

    Notching is when you cut a small cut into the bark of a tree above a bud that you want to encourage to grow. Use a very sharp clear edged knife blade (eg – not serrated), and also ensure that you don't cut more than a third of the way across the full stem.

    How long does it take for fiddle leaf to branch?

    But if it's going to work, you should see results within 6-8 weeks.

    What plants can be notched?

    Heeks says that many plants can benefit from notching, but it is most commonly practiced on ficus trees including: rubber plants ($16), fiddle leaf figs ($54), and other rubber tree varieties. Houseplant enthusiasts have started also using this method on other plants such as monsteras ($11), notes Heeks.

    How do I make my fiddle leaf fig trunk thicker?

    Wiggling your fiddle leaf fig tree for one and a half to two minutes every one to two weeks will help thicken its trunk considerably. Start with gentle shaking motions and gradually increase the intensity. If your plant is supported with a stake, initially wiggle it with the support in place.

    Why does my fiddle leaf fig have multiple trunks?

    Whenever we prune or trim back the fiddle-leaf it will grow extra stems in that place. This is nature's way of ensuring that the plant continues to grow and also gets enough food to keep it growing well. If you have recently bought a fiddle-leaf fig, you may also see that there is more than one stem.

    Can you plant two fiddle-leaf figs together?

    When should you notch a fig tree?

    What is notching in Fig?

    Notching is a method of encouraging a Fiddle Leaf Fig to branch that doesn't involve removing any height off the plant. Instead, small cuts or 'notches' are made up and down the stem or trunk to encourage new growth to form further down the plant.

    How do you notch a houseplant?

    You'll want to go about one-third of the way around the stem and one-third of the way into the stem. When you see white sap coming out, you'll know you've done it right! You can repeat—but don't go too crazy! It's best to stick to around 2-3 notches at a time, especially when you're starting out.

    Should I cut the bottom leaves off my fiddle leaf fig?

    Removing them denies you one of the plant's early alert systems. Remember, those lower leaves are HELPING that tree to become a tree-shape and should be left until the very last step of the shaping process.

    How do you prune to encourage branching?

    Indoor trees, such as Ficus and Dracaenas, tend to grow vertically, but it is possible to encourage branching by trimming off the topmost point of growth. Doing this will force your plant to branch out from the sides of where you cut, rather than continuing to grow directly upwards.

    What are notches on leaves?


    The adult forms of the weevil tend to feed at night during the springtime when you're resting after a hard day in the garden. The damage will not kill your plant, just cause unsightly notching on the leaves. Of course, the leaves being evergreen will be around awhile to annoy you.

    How do you encourage branching in plants?

  • Choose the right tool for the job (such as garden scissors or pruning shears)
  • Start with the dead parts, removing these.
  • Trim longer branches first.
  • Then cut down any very long stems.
  • Alternately, pinch stems (only for some houseplant species)
  • Fertilize afterwards.
  • How do you shape a fig tree?

  • Prune your fig tree in its very first year.
  • Prune your tree again during the tree's first winter.
  • Continue pruning your tree every following year.
  • Select certain branches to be fruiting branches.
  • Use clean pruning shears.
  • Prune the secondary branches.
  • Prune the suckers.
  • Where do you cut a fig tree?

    There are three key seasons that you must consider when learning how to prune a fig tree. EARLY SPRING – remove any branches that are crossing or rubbing. 'select 4 to 6 of the strongest branches growing from the main trunks to be your fruiting wood and prune away the rest.

    How do you train a fig tree?

    What is nicking and notching?

    Notching: The removal of a wedge-shaped bark piece from above the bud to make a notch is called notching. 6. Nicking: The removal of a wedge-shaped bark piece from below the bud to make a notch is called nicking.

    How do you score a branch?

  • Insert the tip of a sharp knife into the bark on the trunk of a healthy fruit tree with 4 to 6 inches of new growth about 10 days after the petals of the blossoms fall.
  • Score large branches in a semicircle, extending the cut only halfway around the circumference near the junction with the trunk or supporting branch.
  • How do you notch a ficus tree?

  • Find the nodes - pick an area where you'd like a new branch to grow.
  • Make the cut - Take a sharp clean knife and make an angled cut about 1/4 of the way through the trunk.
  • Wait - Make sure your plant is getting bright light and on a consistent watering schedule.
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