How To Make Grass Grow In Red Clay

How to Make Grass Grow in Red Clay Soil

  • Put on Protective Gear. Put on a dust mask, safety glasses, gloves, closed-toe shoes and other safety gear before working with power and hand tools, soil, soil amendments,
  • Clear Weeds and Grass. Remove all the existing weeds and grass from the area to be seeded.
  • Rake and Loosen the Soil. Rake the area so that it is cleared of rocks and pebbles, which not only impede the grass seed from making contact with
  • Amend With Lime. Most areas that have red clay also have a low pH level.
  • Add Compost to Clay Soils. Consider adding organic matter — but not sand.
  • Sow the Grass Seed. Sow the grass seed. The rate of application is stated on the mix.
  • Cover With Straw Mulch. Cover the seed with a light layer of straw.
  • Water Until Seeds Germinate. Water the whole area well. To germinate, seeds need to have constant moisture, so frequent, short watering spells are better than one long session.
  • Mow the New Grass. Let the grass grow to about 3 inches, and then give it a light mow when the weather is dry.
  • Remove the Straw Mulch. Remove the straw mulch after the first mowing.
  • How do you grow grass in bad dirt?

  • Rake the lawn in the spring to remove thatch -- compacted, dead grass that is lying on the lawn, usually in patches.
  • Aerate the lawn in both the spring and the fall; using a special machine to poke holes into the soil, loosening compacted dirt and allowing water, air and nutrients to reach the grass roots.
  • Is nitrogen good for clay soil?

    Although clay has a lot of nutrients, the particles are so compacted and dense that they keep the nutrients from getting to where they need to be to help plant growth. Clay soil can benefit greatly from aeration and nitrogen, but lime is only needed if the soil's pH level is low.

    Should I dethatch before top dressing?

    If you have a heavy layer of thatch in your lawn, you should dethatch your lawn before applying the topdressing. Topdressing helps control thatch, but thatch levels have to be manageable to begin with.

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