How To Grow Watermelon In Utah

  • Soil Type. The type of soil you have in your garden will greatly affect how well your watermelons grow.
  • Temperature. When it comes to planting watermelon in Utah, the temperature is perhaps the most important environmental factor.
  • Sunlight. Watermelons require at least 6-8 hours of direct sunshine per day to thrive and produce bountiful blossoms which will turn into fruits.
  • Planting Time. As mentioned earlier, the best time to plant watermelons in Utah is late spring or early summer.
  • Do watermelons grow well in Utah?

    Most grow well in Utah. Soil: Watermelons prefer organic, rich, well- drained, sandy soils for best growth. Most soils will grow watermelons provided they are well-drained.

    Can you grow melons in Utah?

    There are multiple types of watermelon, the most popular being varieties that are large with red flesh, like Crimson Sweet. But many other varieties grow well in Utah, including some with yellow flesh like Yellow Baby and Golden Crown, and smaller, “personal” melons. Different varieties can be seedless or seeded.

    Can cantaloupe grow in Utah?

    Transplants mature about 2 weeks before seeded melons and should be used in short growing areas of Utah. Planting and Spacing: Cantaloupe should be planted when soils are 65°F or after all frost danger has past. Plant 4-6 seeds in mounds 4 feet apart. After they have two leaves, thin to 2 plants per mound.

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