How To Clean Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves

How do you keep fiddle leaf fig leaves shiny?

Keep your tree away from vents, space heaters, and drafts, and provide a humidifier or pebble tray to provide some extra humidity, especially if you live in a dry climate. Give your tree a shower every once in a while and make sure to mist your new leaf buds so they can grow out healthy, green, and shiny!

How do you clean fiddle leaf leaves?

Wipe the Leaves With Water and a Soft Cloth

If your plant is too large to take outside or put in the shower, your best bet may be to spray the leaves and wipe them down with water and a soft cloth.

How often should you wash your fiddle leaf fig?

A fiddle leaf fig plant will need to be water every seven to ten days on average. This means that you can try to clean the leaves every week or close to every week.

What is the best way to clean plant leaves?

Clean leaves with a bit of soapy water.

If water alone is not enough, try a mixture of all-natural liquid soap and water. You can dip a soft cloth in the soap and water solution and wipe the leaves carefully, or you can lather your hands with the solution and gently apply it to the plant.

Should I shower my fiddle leaf fig?

Showering cleans the leaves.

This is probably the biggest benefit of giving your fiddle a shower! Showering can be an effective method for cleaning dust and dirt off your fiddle leaf fig leaves. Dust on the leaves doesn't just look bad, it can hurt your plant!

Can you use vinegar to clean plant leaves?

Clean your plant's leaves with vinegar by mixing one tablespoon of vinegar in two cups of water and using this solution on a cloth to wipe down the leaves. This solution can effectively remove not only dirt and dust on the leaves' surface but also stains and water marks left by hard water.

Should you dust your plants?

Though it might be a tedious task, it's important that you clean residue from plant leaves on a regular basis. A layer of dust on the houseplant foliage will block sunlight and reduce the plant's ability to photosynthesize.

Can I put cinnamon in my fiddle leaf fig soil?

But my lovely friend, Rachel Aust, gave me a great tip a while back to use Cinnamon to help keep them at bay! Seriously, such an easy and affordable hack! Just sprinkle a light layer across the top of your soil after watering and repeat once a week for a few weeks!

Do fiddle leaf figs like the bathroom?


But the steamy conditions of the bathroom would be its favorite hangout. It is a fairly large plant, so would do well in a beautiful floor-standing container in a master bathroom. Bright filtered light to even a small amount of full sun from an eastern facing window keeps the fiddle-leaf happy.

How do you make a bushier fiddle leaf fig?

Why are the tips of my fiddle leaf fig turning brown?

The most common cause of brown leaves on a fiddle leaf fig is due to a fungal infection from the roots sitting in too much moisture. Over-watering and poor drainage causes root rot, which spreads from the roots to the leaves of your plant.

How many times a week should I water my fiddle leaf fig?

Watering a Fiddle Leaf Fig

The number one way to kill a fiddle leaf fig is to overwater it or not allow for proper drainage. Water your plant about once a week or every 10 days.

How often should I wipe my plant leaves?

There's no hard-and-fast rule about how frequently you should clean your plants. A good rule of thumb is to check the leaves each time you water. If there's visible dust or debris on a plant, or if you feel dust when you rub the leaves, it's probably time for a cleaning.

Can I use white oil on my fiddle leaf fig?

Grab some white oil from a garden nursery and spray some into a damp cloth, then wipe down all the dust from the leaves. This helps the leaves absorb more light as well as enabling them space to 'breathe'.

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