How To Build A Purple Martin House Pole

Mix concrete with water according to the directions on the bag. Set the 8 foot long, 4″ x 4″ pole in the hole and pour the concrete in around the pole. They made sure the pole was straight by using a level. Then we let concrete set up until it had hardened.

How tall should a pole be for a purple martin house?

Height and Installation of Pole: Recommended height is 12-20'. The higher the housing is placed, the more susceptible it is to wind damage. Poles should be set in concrete, with 18-25” below ground.

How big should the hole be for a purple martin house?

Entrance hole: The diameter of the entrance hole should be between 1 3/4 and 2 1/4 inches. Entrance holes measuring 2 1/8 inches are the most popular. Crescent-shaped holes can also be effective in preventing other birds from using the houses, but purple martins have no trouble with that unusual shape.

How high do you mount a purple martin house?

The ideal height is 10 to 14 feet but it can be much higher if desired. And make certain before purchasing a martin house it can be located in an area at least 40 feet from tall objects such as trees or buildings.

How do you keep sparrows out of a purple martin house?

How do I keep starlings out of my purple martin house?

To help prevent the starlings from nesting at your colony site we recommend using starling-resistant entrance holes (SREH) at your colony site. These specific entrances, called: crescent, Excluder, Modified Excluder, Excluder II, and Conley 2 will help keep starlings out of the cavities.

How do you set up a martin house pole?

Where do you hang a purple martin birdhouse?

Martin houses should be placed in an open location, at least 40 ft. from trees or buildings. Martins prefer to have clear access to houses from all sides, and like to have perching sites like utility wires nearby, but not attached to the nest box. The height of the housing can be anywhere from 12-20 ft.

What month do house martins nest?

The breeding season runs from May to August when insects are abundant, but some chicks are still in the nest in September. The nest is made of pellets of mud mixed with grass, lined with feathers and vegetable fibre.

Are purple martins beneficial?

Purple martins are beneficial birds to have near a home or on a property because they eat insects. These birds feed during daylight, and their diet consists mainly of beetles, moths, dragonflies, butterflies, horseflies, leafhoppers and wasps.

Do bluebirds and purple martins get along?

Will other birds nest in a purple martin house?

The short answer… yes, House Sparrows and European Starlings are known for invading and taking up residence in Purple Martin birdhouses. And these birds are fierce competitors to the martin. Also, Tree Swallows and Bluebirds might nest in a martin house as well.

How can you tell the difference between a purple martin and a starling?

The starling will have flecks of coloring on its back. These flecks can appear iridescent or sometimes brownish in color. Purple Martins Never have any color variation on their backs. The wings of purple martins are longer and tapered.

How do you attach a birdhouse pole to the ground?

Where should you place a martin house?

One of the most important steps in attracting Purple Martins is choosing the right location for your martin housing. Martins prefer housing that is placed in open areas with clear flyways. Choose the center of the largest open spot available, about 30-120 feet from human housing and at least 40-60 feet from trees.

What kind of houses do purple martins like?

Purple martins are colony nesters, which means they nest in groups. Whether you choose gourd houses or an apartment-style birdhouse, offer six to 12 cavities. Purple martins are one of the only birds that will tolerate swaying birdhouses.

How do you hang a purple martin gourd house?

When dry, you can hang your gourd (you'll need at least 4 to 6 gourds to attract martins) from a 24-inch plastic-coated copper wire. Thread the wire through two of the holes directly across from each other and hang it from a support line, below a martin house or on a specially made gourd rack.

How do you protect purple martins from hawks?

Guard Dogs - A large breed dog that gets along well with your Purple Martins can be an excellent deterrent from not only birds of prey, but other predators as well. Just make sure not to keep a schedule when letting the dog out if it's an indoor dog -- letting them out at random will ensure the hawks remain cautious.

Where do purple martins go in the winter?

Purple Martins migrate to South America for the winter, but before leaving, they may gather to roost in groups of thousands in late summer. Has declined seriously in parts of the west, and currently declining in the east.

How do you use purple martin decoys?

Decoys can be positioned any any number of ways to give the appearance of natural behaviors of purple martins at a colony site. The decoys have a small bracket that is used to position the decoys on perches, porches directly on the houses or even sticking out of open compartments to give the illusion of occupancy.

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