How Often Do I Water Marigolds

Why do marigold leaves turn yellow?

Aster Yellows – When you have marigolds with yellow leaves, your plants may be infected with a disease called aster yellows. Aster yellows is caused by a very small organism known as a phytoplasma. When this phytoplasma gets in the leaves of plants, they are discolored to yellow or red.

Does marigold need fertilizer?

Marigolds do not require a lot of nutrition to thrive, but judicious application of a general-purpose fertilizer with equal amounts of nitrogen and potassium in the planting hole gives the young plant a healthy boost to start.

Will marigolds bloom in partial shade?

As an annual grown in the spring and summer, these brilliant flowers need full sunlight for successful growth. Part shade works well for seedlings and transplants temporarily, but consistent shade hinders flowering and overall growth.

Why are the leaves on my marigolds turning purple?

If the soil is cool early in the growing season, a phosphorus deficiency may develop in some plants. The underside of marigold and tomato plant leaves will turn purple with too little phosphorus while other plants will be stunted or turn a dull, dark-green color.

How long does it take marigold to flower?

Those plants which show flowering one time and the fall out called annual plants, such as marigold, wheat and rice plants are annual plants and they take 3 months for the flowering and they live for one year.

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