How Often Can I Spray Neem Oil On Tomato Plants?

Can you spray too much neem oil?

You can put too much neem oil on plants if you apply it several times a week. You can also put too much if you have not diluted the neem oil before use. If you use too much neem oil, it will burn the leaves, may cause them to turn yellow, and even kill beneficial insects.

Is neem oil safe for tomatoes?

It's Great for Indoor Tomato Plants

Neem oil is also ideal for plants growing in greenhouses. As I've already mentioned, neem oil kills several types of pests; it will kill aphids, Whiteflies, or any other insects that may attack your plants indoors. I also mentioned that it's safe to use around pets.

How often can I spray neem oil?

Using neem oil insecticide about once a week will help kill pests and keep fungal issues at bay. Apply as you would other oil-based sprays, making sure the leaves are completely coated, especially where the pest or fungal problem is the worst.

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