How Much Sun Do Gerbera Daisies Need?

Do gerbera daisies do well in shade?

Gerbera daisies thrive best under full sun but do not like intense heat. If you live in a climate that experiences particularly hot summers (or afternoons, for that matter), try to plant your gerbera daisies somewhere that boasts afternoon shade.

Why are my gerbera daisy not blooming?

They do need sunlight so do not plant them in the shade. Fertilize every two weeks with a water soluble fertilizer that has a low middle number (like 15-7-15 or 12-2-12). This will help blooming and not leaf growth. Gerberas will not bloom continuously.

Is gerbera daisy an annual or perennial?

Gerbera daisy is classified as an annual, but it actually tolerates temperatures as low as 30 degrees F, which means in the warmest parts of the country, it behaves like a perennial.

Why do gerbera leaves turn brown?

The brown discolorations are usually Alternaria—a fungus that thrives in humid environments. The Gerbera is native to mild-moderate climates and can be fussy about watering. The most common cause of the brown spots is water splashing onto the leaves.

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