How Much Does A Hartley Botanic Greenhouse Cost

How much is a Hartley botanical greenhouse?

“Each of the last three years, we've had 50% growth year over year,” says Neal Bobrick, chief operating officer of Hartley Botanic, whose “Victorian” greenhouses start at $25,000 and whose “modern horticulture” start at about $60,000. “The whole farm-to-table concept has been a driver of our additional business.”

How much does building a greenhouse cost?

Building a greenhouse costs $9,146 on average with most people paying between $7,380 and $28,370. Depending on the size and what's added to this space, you could pay anywhere from $3,500 to $35,000 for construction costs.

Is it worth buying a greenhouse?

Is a Greenhouse Worth It? If you're even asking yourself the question then, yes, a greenhouse is worth it. A greenhouse provides you with an environment where you can grow plants and vegetables year round. Despite some investment of money, the fruits of your labor make it worth it.

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