How Many Seeds Do I Plant Per Hole?

How many seeds do I need to plant a container?

The general rule of thumb is to plant 2-3 seeds per cell/container. Planting more than one seed helps ensure germination.

Do you plant multiple seeds together?

Don't add more than one large seed to a hole. If you're attempting a specific number of plants or just want a fuller pot, plant the large seeds closer together. You can snip or pull out those that are too close. Remember, seedlings need good airflow around them to avoid damping off.

How deep do you sow seeds?

In general, seeds should be planted at a depth of two times the width, or diameter, of the seed. For example, if you have a seed that's about 1/16 inch thick, it should be planted about 1/8 inch deep. Large bean seeds, which can be up to 1/2 inch wide, may need to be planted an inch deep.

How do you sow seeds in trays?

Can I plant 2 tomato seedlings together?

Tomatoes planted too closely together may be more likely to develop problems, such as: Disease – A lot of plant diseases flourish on moist leaves. If tomatoes are planted so closely together that sunlight and air can't dry out the leaves, the plants will be more likely to develop harmful diseases.

Can I start seeds outdoors in containers?

Winter-sown seedlings aren't leggy like these and don't need “hardening off” outside like indoor-grown seedlings. In most cases, seeds can be winter-sown in containers 4 to 8 weeks before they'd normally be sown unprotected in the ground. Experiment with start times.

What happens if you bury seeds too deep?

ANSWER: Seeds that are planted too deep in the soil may grow into weak, feeble seedlings or fail to germinate at all. If it's been buried too far under the surface of the soil, the seed may not get the light it requires to sprout.

How do you plant seeds on a tray compartment?

  • Step 1: Soak the seeds overnight to induce them to germinate faster.
  • Step 2: Fill the seed tray with soil.
  • Step 3: Water the soil evenly until some liquid flows out of the holes.
  • Step 4: Drop the seeds over the soil.
  • Should seed trays have drainage holes?

    If you are planting seeds directly in the seed tray, without a cell flat, then the seed tray should have drainage holes. Otherwise, the soil will stay too wet and the seedlings may suffer from damping off.

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