How Do You Dry And Store Yarrow?

How do you dry fresh yarrow?

You can dry yarrow in a dehydrator on a low heat setting, or just spread out the herbs on a cookie sheet and dry in a very slow oven. Set the oven as low as it will go so you don't burn or cook the herbs, and check often. The herbs are "done" when the pieces snap easily and cleanly.

What part of yarrow is harvested?

When and How to Harvest: All parts of yarrow are useful. The flower is most commonly used and should be gathered when it is fully open and but not yet turning brown or yellowish. The flower is higher in aromatic oils, whereas the leaves are higher in tannins.

How do you preserve yarrow?

The easiest way to preserve yarrow is to dry it. Just like any other herb, yarrow can be dried by hanging it upside down in bunches from the stems. I just tie a bunch together with some twine or an elastic band and hang it from a hook in my kitchen.

Is the whole yarrow plant edible?

Yarrow has a strong licorice-like scent and a mildly sweet flavor that's similar to tarragon. This entire plant is edible, but its leaves and flowers are especially popular to use in recipes. They can be dried and used as a spice. But, fresh flowers and leaves are also great for salads, soups, and stews.

How do you make dried yarrow tea?

For yarrow tea, simply put a 1-2 teaspoons of dried yarrow flowers in a tea pot, let it sit for 20 minutes, strain into a cup and enjoy a healthy tea. If you want to treat yourself to a box of freshly dried yarrow you can get it in our Wild Store today.

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