Does Mint Need Feeding?

Mint is a herb which can stand lack of feed and drought extremely well even when in pots. When grown in open ground it requires no attention. When grown in pots we feed it with a sprinkling of blood, fish and bone in April and again in September.

What kind of fertilizer does mint need?

Sprinkle ½ tsp. of a slow-release 16-16-8 fertilizer over each square foot of mint bed before you plant. Turn the fertilizer and compost into the top 6 inches of the bed. Plant the mint after adding the compost and fertilizer.

How often should I feed mint?

In a nutshell, you should water garden mints once every 1-2 days in summer and once every 2-4 days in autumn, fall and spring. For potted plants(indoor and outdoor), the schedule is to water 1-2 times a day. In winter, both types hardly need any watering.

Does mint need plant food?

If you already have rich garden soil, you likely won't have to give your mint any supplemental fertilizer. Container-grown plants and plants grown in nutrient-poor soil will benefit from feeding with a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer throughout the growing season, starting in spring when the plants emerge.

How do you feed mint?

Feed returning mint plants a complete, slow-release, 16-16-16, granular fertilizer in early spring after all danger of frost has passed and new growth emerges, instructs Utah State University Cooperative Extension. Apply about 1 teaspoon to the soil above the plant's root zone. Avoid getting fertilizer on the foliage.

Is mint a heavy feeder?

Besides proper soil drainage, your mint plants will also benefit from soil that has been mixed with aged compost. While the plants are generally not considered heavy feeders, the addition of compost will boost nutrition levels and allow mint to feed for many seasons.

How do you prevent pests on mint?

Create a mixture of two cups of rubbing alcohol, five cups of water, and one tablespoon of liquid soap. Spray the mixture on your plants to keep flea beetles away. Dust your plants with talcum powder.

Can you use Seasol on mint?

Seasol can be applied to any plant including natives and acid lovers, at any time of the year.

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