Can You Plant Apple And Pear Trees Together?

Planting apple or pear trees close together will benefit the trees and not take up as much space in your yard. Most can be planted about 18 inches apart. Things to know Most apple and pear trees require a second, compatible tree for cross-pollination, so make sure you know if your tree will need one, and the suitable companion tree.

Can you plant an apple tree next to a pear tree?

Planting apple or pear trees close together will benefit the trees and not take up as much space in your yard. Most can be planted about 18 inches apart. Most apple and pear trees require a second, compatible tree for cross-pollination, so make sure you know if your tree will need one, and the suitable companion tree.

How close can you plant an apple and pear tree?

Growing conditions: Suitable for most soils including orchards in grass and on poor soils Staking: Staking is not necessary if planted as a one year old, but those planted as 2-3 year old trees need staking for the first 3 years. Spacing: 4.5m (15ft) apart with 6m (20ft) between rows.

What should you not plant next to an apple tree?


  • Apple trees and grass are not exactly good companion plants.
  • CHIVES. Well let's just assume that the variety of apples you wanted is more susceptible to apple scab; chives can take care of that.
  • DAFFODIL. These also get planted in a ring around the tree.
  • What grows around apple trees?

    Daffodil, tansy, marigold, and hyssop

  • Comfrey.
  • Nasturtium.
  • Chamomile.
  • Coriander.
  • Dill.
  • Fennel.
  • Basil.
  • Lemongrass.
  • How much sun do apple and pear trees need?

    In general, fruit trees require full sun (6-8 hours per day). Just a few hours a day of shade can negatively impact the rate of growth, fruiting potential and the cold hardiness of the plants.

    What grows well with pear trees?

    Pear trees can be susceptible to pests, so surround them with companion plants that counteract that: Try clover, african marigolds, nasturtiums, borage, bee balm, beans, or peas.

    Where should apple trees be planted?

    The best placement for a single tree or a grove of apple trees is in full sun, in well-drained soil, away from other trees and outside of any low-lying area that could form a “frost pocket” where cold air settles. It's also a good idea to have the soil tested before you plant.

    Do fruit trees have companion plants?

    Various plants can be planted around the fruit tree which help it to grow even better and give more production. This is called companion planting. Garlic, onion, marigold, basil, mint, lemon grass, nastur- tium, comfrey, coriander, fennel, dill, tansy and wormwood are some examples of companion plants.

    How much space do you need between pear trees?

    Space your pear trees 20 feet apart. For semi-dwarf varieties, which can grow up to 12 to 15 feet tall and 10 feet wide, provide 12 feet of space between each tree.

    What is the best time to plant an apple tree?

    Bare-root apple trees should be planted in the early spring as soon as the soil can be worked. Container-grown apple trees can be planted throughout the growing season as long as they are given enough water.

    How many apple trees should I plant?

    Apples are self-unfruitful. Plant at least two different apple tree varieties within 50 feet of one another for a good fruit set. Some apple varieties, such as Golden Delicious, will produce a crop without cross-pollination from a second variety.

    Do pear trees need to be planted in pairs?

    You have to plant at least two varieties of pear trees, to ensure cross-pollination and fruit production. The trees should be spaced 15-20 feet apart when planted.

    Do pears need a pollinator?

    With most fruit trees, you need another of their kind to pollinate in order to get this sweet fruit, and pear trees are no exception. While there are self-pollinating pear trees, you will get better yields with a partner plant.

    Do apple trees need a pollinator?

    All varieties of apple trees require some cross-pollination for fruit set. Even though some varieties are listed as self-fruitful, they will set fruit more heavily and more regularly if they are cross-pollinated.

    Why are apple trees planted so close together?

    By closely planting several trees in a single hole, you can get up to 10 weeks of fruit of several varieties. Because close planting can naturally dwarf or restrict the growth of trees, this becomes an additional advantage because lower, slower-growing trees are easier to harvest and take care of.

    How close can you plant an apple tree to a house?

    The roots will not be as encouraged to grow into this area; however, it's better to plant with at least 8 to 10 feet of space between these structures and your apple trees.

    How long does it take for a pear tree to bear fruit?

    Pear trees require full sun to produce the most fruit. Prune annually to keep the tree healthy, productive and looking its best. It can take 3 to 10 years for trees to begin flowering and producing fruit. Mature pear trees are large and produce a lot of fruit in a short window of time.

    How do you tell the difference between a male and female apple tree?

    Do you need a male and female apple tree?

    Like all fruit trees, apples need to be pollinated if they are to set fruit. This involves the transfer of pollen from the stamen (the male part of the flower) to the stigma (the female part).

    Can I plant an apple tree in partial shade?

    Sunlight Requirements

    Because apple trees require full sun, they need a growing location where they receive six or more hours of sunlight daily during the growing season. Young apple trees, however, can suffer sunburn from too much sunlight.

    How fast do apple trees grow?

    A young apple tree will grow 12 to 24 inches in a year. A mature, fruit-bearing apple tree will grow 8 to 12 inches each year.

    Do apple trees need a lot of water?

    Apple trees do not need lots of water every day; however, if you discover that your soil or your location's environment require more frequent watering to avoid drought-stress to your apple trees, adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

    What can you plant between ornamental pear trees?

    If you'd like to underplant your ornamental pear, one successful way is to use plants that thrive in the pear's shade, and flower in winter while the pear tree is bare. Such plants include Daphne, Osmanthus, Helleborus and Clivia.

    What grows under peach tree?

    The best companion plants for peach trees are garlic, marigolds, onions, asparagus, legumes, and tansy. These plants help keep pests away from peach trees and add nutrients to the soil. Other helpful plants include herbs, like chives and basil, and wildflowers, which boost pollination.

    What can I plant under a Bradford pear tree?

    'Do not plant' Bradford pears

    Instead, plant native alternatives, such as serviceberry, fringe tree, tupelo, or dogwood, among many others. Trees should be cut and stumps immediately treated with herbicides to eliminate sprouting response.”

    Are apple trees hard to grow?

    Sadly, fruit trees also have a down side because they experience pest and disease problems, poor production, and nutrient deficiencies. And growing apple trees is notoriously difficult. When growing apple trees, there are so many potential problems to contend with. Homegrown apples can be wormy, bitter and unappealing.

    What trees grow well together?

    Trees are often features in gardens & companion planting guilds are usually arranged around trees.

    Name Good Companions
    Hazelnut Comfrey, flowers and herbs such as coriander.
    Macadamia Clover, chives, nasturtium, comfrey, marigold and other flowers.
    Oak Chantarella mushrooms, blueberries.
    Olive Herbs, lavender.
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