Can Winter Pansies Survive Summer?

What do you do with winter pansies after flowering?

Most of the bedding violas and pansies are perennials or biennials but they are usually just kept for one season and then discarded, but after flowering they can be cut back to a couple of centimetres and they will re-grow.

What temperature can pansies withstand?

Pansies have a tolerance to low-temperatures and actually thrive in cool weather (40°-60°F) (Kwon 1992). They are capable of surviving temperatures down to the single digits, but when the air temperature drops below 25°F, pansy foliage will wilt and turn a gray-green color.

Should you feed winter flowering pansies?

Feeding Winter Pansies

Don't! Just grow them in the potting compost, without additional feeding. Whatever, do not feed your pansies or violas in the winter.

How far apart should you plant winter pansies?

Winter pansies require organically-rich, well-draining soil and a full sun location. Set out your transplants six to 10 inches apart to maintain adequate airflow. While many plants don't require irrigation in the cold weather, you might need to water your V.

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