Follow your flows

Understand your payment flows well and get the necessary insight to improve your set up Identify who / where these the flows are created or consumed.


Bank Cost

See the overview of your bank costs, and be able to verify if the costs are correct. Enable improvement initiatives with your bank based on facts.


Behavior monitoring

Monitor and manage internal departments performance & IT system payment setting based on the actual behavior.



Measure the banks performance to spot adjustments and improvement initiative. Enable long term changes by monitoring trends.


Danske Commodities

The user-friendly dashboards gave us full visibility of banking costs and behavior costs, resulting in savings and process improvements for our bank and payment area. We went live within only 1 week with minimal IT effort.

Jesper Nielsen-Terp
Director, Head of Treasury
Danske Commodities


BE SCORD  has a clear and simple subscription model.

The subscription fee
  • Fee based on number of banks included in BeScord Banking
  • No hidden / add-on fees, or complicated calculations methods
Included in the subscription
  • Unlimited number of entities
  • High number of users (100 users)
  • Monthly update of all bank fee invoices by the BeScord team
  • BeScord’s pre-defined ERP connectors

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